FPS Briefs: Holiday Bonuses and Other Extra Income – Impact on Child/Spousal Support

By Purcell Stowell / December 3, 2018 / Children, Divorce, Family Law, FAQ / No Comments

FPS Briefs: Expecting a holiday bonus? Know what constitutes “income” for determining child and spousal support. With 2018 coming to a close, divorced parents may be expecting a year-end bonus or other forms of extra income. Whether the funds will purchase a Disney vacation or go towa...

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Lifestyle & Divorce: How “Marital Standard of Living” Affects Spousal Support Orders

By Purcell Stowell / May 4, 2018 / Divorce, FAQ / No Comments

The marital standard of living (MSOL) is one of the many factors that are set out in the California Family Code that are to be considered by a divorce court in the determination of spousal support. Our FPS team weighs in on this tricky topic.

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Video / Support Orders, Holiday Bonuses and Other Extra Earnings

By Purcell Stowell / December 11, 2017 / Divorce, Videos / No Comments

Attorney Neil Forester looks at support orders and the impact of holiday bonuses and more. Watch our two-part video conversation with FPS attorney Neil Forester and read below for supplemental information related to child and spousal support orders and how “income” is determined. &nbs...

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Quick Takes: Holiday Bonuses and Other Extra Income – Impact on Child/Spousal Support

By Purcell Stowell / December 11, 2017 / Children, Divorce, Family Law, FAQ / No Comments

Getting a holiday bonus? Understand what constitutes “income” for determining child and spousal support. With the holidays approaching and the year coming to a close, some divorced parents are looking forward to a year-end bonus. Whether the check will purchase necessities or provide ...

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Gray Divorce: What are the unique challenges of divorcing after the age of 50?

By Purcell Stowell / October 11, 2016 / Divorce, Family Law, FAQ, Resources / No Comments

Divorce among couples nearing or beyond retirement age has its own challenges. And while no two divorce cases are the same, there are common issues that become most important in “gray divorce” — below, the lawyers of FORESTER PURCELL STOWELL PC shed some light on these gray areas. &nb...

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FAQ: What are the biggest myths about spousal support?

By Purcell Stowell / May 23, 2016 / Divorce, Family Law, FAQ / No Comments

FORESTER PURCELL STOWELL attorneys offer their take on spousal support with answers to the question:   What are the biggest myths and misconceptions about spousal support?   Jenny Bain One of the biggest myths I hear is that clients think they can get support “forever.” There is no situ...

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Bright Line or Blurred Lines? “Date of Separation” Ruling Creates Uncertainty for California Spouses

Emerging Questions for Separated Spouses Living in Same Household The California Supreme Court’s decision last week in the Marriage of Davis [PDF] creates a “bright line” rule for what has long been a gray area of family law: determining the date of separation. The length of the marriage – and wh...

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A Primer on Financial Considerations During Divorce

By Purcell Stowell / May 17, 2015 / Divorce, Family Law, Resources / No Comments

Reprinted with permission from the ABA Family Advocate: The sheer thought of going through a divorce may cause feelings of anxiety, fear, and confusion. Swirling questions concerning how the process will impact your children, yourself, and your future can become all consuming. If you have childre...

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Why hire a Certified Family Law Specialist to handle your Sacramento divorce or child custody matters?

By Purcell Stowell / April 26, 2015 / Children, Divorce, Family Law, Firm News, Premarital / No Comments

Family lawyers do not get the respect they deserve. In terms of the potential breadth and complexity of issues which they face, family practitioners work in one of the most, and perhaps the most, exacting and demanding areas of concentration in the law. Under California’s community property...

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