Purcell Stowell is a Folsom-Based full-service Family law Firm that serves Clients Throughout California. We have been awarded First place by the sacramento Business Journal as a Best Places to Work.

There are three ways we stand out from the crowd of family law lawyers

1. We Are Certified Family Law Specialists

Our founding attorneys, Matthew K. Purcell and Michelle L. Stowell, as well as their senior attorney Melissa J. Harman, place high value on the State Bar of California’s Certified Family Law Specialist designation.

Both Matt and Michelle, as well as senior attorney Melissa, are longtime Certified Family Law Specialists—a standard granted by the State Bar that means an attorney has additional qualifications that go above and beyond a standard law degree and bar passage and a designation which requires the primary focus of their practice to be family law matters.

The State Bar of California describes the certification as providing a method of, “increasing public protection and encouraging attorney competence.”

2. We have unique experience with matters involving special needs children

Parents of a special needs child recognize the difference in dealing with a professional who has worked with special needs children.

When separation, divorce, custody and visitation involve a special needs child, it’s crucial to have legal counsel who understands not only how the law works, but how the family works and how the child will best thrive.

At Purcell Stowell PC we take pride in our ability to serve families with a special needs child and have a long history of support with organizations such as FEAT (Families for Early Autism Treatment). If your family law needs involve a special needs child, we believe you have come to the right place.

3.We became Family Law Attorneys to help people make difficult transitions

With the many areas of law available, we chose to become family law attorneys because we were drawn toward helping people during life’s most challenging struggles.

Have you ever met a lawyer who is hard to understand, uses lots of legal vocabulary and doesn’t explain in simple terms how things will work?

That’s not us.

We strive to make sure we are able to explain all of the issues in our client’s cases so they can make meaningful decisions about their family and financial circumstances.

We are detailed lawyers with a keen understanding of financial documents, business and how to work a courtroom. But, we never lose sight that behind it all, we are helping families balance a tough transition toward making a fresh start. We are honored anytime clients put their faith in us to guide that process.