The realization that your marriage is over can be difficult to process. From the emotional and psychological toll on your family, to the sudden reality of legally parting, mapping the road toward divorce is challenging.

Purcell Stowell divorce lawyers rise to that challenge every day in our law practice. We take a caring yet pragmatic approach to sharing our insight and experience with each of our clients struggling to find the road forward. At any stage in the process, we help you in:

  • filing the initial paperwork and/or responding to paperwork filed by your spouse
  • assisting with pressing issues related to child custody in the present and looking toward the future
  • calculating child and/or spousal support in both the long and short term
  • protecting/preserving assets and/or interests in BOTH community and separate property estates
  • educating you about what to expect in family court and/or mediation

Our Certified Family Law Specialists have the professional expertise to lessen the mental and emotional burden of divorce proceedings and get you moving in the right direction.