Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

From physical violence . . . to emotional, psychological and financial abuse . . . to stalking behavior — acts of domestic violence in California have many manifestations.

Our courts have devised a number of “user friendly” forms for victims to obtain restraining orders for protection. While intended for use by non-attorney self-represented litigants, the forms have become so numerous and confusing that even lawyers can be challenged. And for survivors of domestic violence, facing the abuser in a court setting can be one of the most emotionally difficult experiences he or she can have.

Purcell Stowell attorneys handle domestic violence cases frequently, and are well-versed with the daunting list of mandatory forms required to pursue a restraining order in court. But more importantly, we understand the emotional turmoil facing victims, survivors, and those wrongfully alleged to have committed domestic violence. We have a deft touch with those people in what is likely the most difficult time of their lives.

Our attorneys will fight to protect our clients and our clients’ families, and to get the best possible result inside or outside the courtroom.

Our boutique practice covers the spectrum of family law. 

PURCELL STOWELL PC founders are Certified Family Law Specialists and have experience handling cases in situations unique or universal.