Premarital Legal Counseling

When relationships fall apart, the culprit is frequently a lack of good communication, or more specifically, a lack of good information. This situation is preventable.

Understanding the true legal implication of marriage is important. But most marrying couples do not seek any information about how their relationships with their soon-to-be spouses will change, or what new rights and obligations will spring into existence, before they utter those two little words.

In an attempt to help a marrying couple better understand how their lives will change when they get married, Purcell Stowell attorneys can provide a wealth of information through our Premarital Legal Counseling services, including:

This information can spark a discussion between the couple that leads to better planning, clear understanding of the different roles a spouse can have during the marriage, and a stronger bond between the couple through a pragmatic dialogue about their future together.

Divorce is difficult no matter the circumstances. And if divorce can be avoided before the marriage even begins, we consider that a victory for our Premarital Legal Counseling clients.

Our boutique practice covers the spectrum of family law. 

PURCELL STOWELL PC founders are Certified Family Law Specialists and have experience handling cases in situations unique or universal.