Prenuptial & Cohabitation Agreements

A couple contemplating marriage should think carefully about the impact that decision will have on the relationship. Even couples who choose not to marry, but to remain in a committed relationship, should consider the impact of commingling finances, raising children, and behaving like a married couple would. Purcell Stowell attorneys can help in either situation.

In cases involving the careful management of separately owned assets or business entities, or even in a more straightforward allocation of responsibilities each person in the relationship wishes to undertake, a soundly drafted Prenuptial Agreement or Cohabitation Agreement allows a couple to take charge of the relationship and determine the course that it will take in the future. More importantly, it can protect against the court system and the Family Code making the decisions if the relationship ultimately ends. A good Prenuptial Agreement or Cohabitation Agreement can do the following:

Purcell Stowell attorneys have drafted countless Prenuptial and Cohabitation Agreements, and can provide a wealth of insight into the process of planning for your relationship’s future.

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