Property division during a divorce can be simple or complex. Again and again, spouses have vastly different ideas about what is contained in the community estate.

Often time-consuming, division of marital assets requires broad familiarity with the complicated legal concepts governing property characterization and reimbursement issues. Purcell Stowell attorneys understand these laws and take care to ensure the property is divided appropriately.

We’ll help you address all aspects of property division, whether simple or complex, including:

  • Community property versus separate property
  • Commingling of separate and marital property
  • Asset tracing
  • Reimbursement rights
  • Hidden assets
  • Self-employment and professional practice valuation, including valuing any potential community property interest in the business pursuant to the Pereira/Van Camp line of cases.
  • Complex cases requiring forensic accounting

Regardless of your assets or net worth, we embrace the importance of protecting your property rights.