Which Path is for You? Collaborative Divorce, Mediation or Traditional Litigation

By Purcell Stowell / December 22, 2016 / Children, Divorce, Family Law / No Comments

Understand the risks and rewards of mediation and collaborative divorce options; protect against dead ends. Divorce and custody litigation can be extraordinarily unpleasant. For some, family law cases are expensive, time consuming, inefficient and unpredictable. Alternatives like mediation and “c...

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Thoughts on Lawyers Behaving Badly in Divorce Court

By Purcell Stowell / June 21, 2016 / Divorce, Family Law, FAQ / No Comments

FORESTER PURCELL STOWELL attorneys reveal examples of lawyers behaving badly with answers to the question:   What makes opposing counsel easy to work with vs. a nightmare to work with during family law litigation? NEIL FORESTER Whether an opposing counsel is easy to work with or impossible t...

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